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Basics You Control

There is so much turmoil right now within the healthcare industry — the Affordable Care Act and its daily changes, HIPAA’s final rule(s) implementing the HITECH Act and on and on. From the first telephone contact with a patient to the storage of records, these issues touch various levels of every physician practice or facility, making it important for your administrative personnel to stay informed. Yet, many decisions are being made beyond your reach. One of my clients once gave me a great piece of advice … Don’t waste time or energy on those things you can’t control, instead invest both your time and energy in the things you can control. Here are some are some of those areas:

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Real Estate and the IRS Passive Activity Loss Rules

HCAA members Tom McGuinness of Reimer, McGuinness & Associates, PC and Boyle Henderson of Daenen Henderson & Company, LLC blog post “Real Estate and the IRS Passive Activity Loss Rules” published in Medical Practice Insider.

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Survival guide to institutional knowledge

Have you ever worked at a practice where you can ask the same question to three different people and get three different answers? What about asking a co-worker a question and receiving an answer you later found out was incorrect? Or being told that the reason for doing something in a certain manner was because, “We’ve always done it that way”? Most of us have been in situations like those described above, where institutional knowledge prevails for reasons not immediately apparent. But there's no reason to settle for that type of uncertainty.

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