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As an industry or service niche practice leader, you hold a prime opportunity to differentiate your firm and set the pace for growth by dominating your space in an otherwise cluttered marketplace. But rising to the top and staying there isn’t easy. Building your team, determining the best strategies, identifying high-potential opportunities, and effectively working a sales process are just a few of the challenges you continuously wrestle. Rainmaker offers deep experience in growing strategic niches, along with a host of programs, services, and resources, to help you lead your practice team to new levels of success.

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5 Reasons TrumpCare Will Cause A Home Care Boom

It’s no secret that the home care industry has been in a downward spiral for the past decade, primarily due to declining reimbursements and audits, among other obstacles. As a direct result, the number of providers has decreased, leading to larger and larger companies that can take advantage of economies of scale. Despite these concerns, demand has continued to rise as older citizens and people with disabilities want care in their own homes.

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TrumpCare Means “Yuge” Spending On Healthcare IT

Every sector of the healthcare industry is struggling to figure out what TrumpCare will mean to their businesses. Some will do better under TrumpCare, but most will do worse. There is one sector, however, which is guaranteed to grow like gangbusters under a Trump administration: Healthcare IT. Here’s why:

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5 Ways TrumpCare Will Slam I/DD Companies

The inauguration of President Trump has prompted concern among executives in the intellectually/developmentally disabled (I/DD) marketplace. What's going to happen next? What should companies do to protect themselves against reimbursement cuts and other potentially catastrophic changes? What's Going to Happen ...

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5 Ways To Increase The Financial Value Of A Healthcare Company

Owners of healthcare companies are accustomed to creating financial value by focusing on the traditional approaches of scope of services, client/patient capacity, and revenue streams via reimbursement yield and patient volume. While revenue growth and operational efficiency are key value drivers, neither addresses a critical value factor known as Company Specific Risk (CSR). Differences in CSR are the primary reason that some healthcare firms get top dollar when sold, while others receive only a fraction of their potential sale price. Here's what healthcare owners can do today to increase their financial value by decreasing their CSR:

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11 Reasons That 2017 Will Change Healthcare Forever

2016 was a transitional year for Life Sciences, Pharma, and Biotech. Worldwide political changes upset long-standing systems that provided stability for the sector. At the same time, disruptive innovation weakened the power of huge companies to dominate these industry sectors. Despite these challenges, so many technologies are reaching the proverbial "critical mass" that we expect 2017 will be truly transformative. Here are 11 reasons that healthcare will change in 2017 - possibly forever: View full article by downloading attached PDF.

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7 Ways TrumpCare Will Change The Healthcare Industry

At this point, only one thing is certain about TrumpCare: it's going to happen. But what will it look like? At this point nobody knows, probably including even Trump himself. Nevertheless, it's possible to read some "tea leaves" in Trump's appointments and the statements that he and his appointees have made in the past. Based on this, there are seven likely developments: View full article by downloading attached article.

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How To Save Your Addiction Rx Company From The TrumpCare Tsunami

Going forward into the Trump presidency, one thing is certain: US healthcare insurance will change. HHS Secretary nominee Tom Price is a vehement ObamaCare critic. When he takes the reins we can expect a revamp of both the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicaid. The most likely change will be an attempt to control costs by restructuring Medicaid from a federally-run program into a set of block grants at the state level. If history is any guide, this will result in reduced reimbursement for treatment services, which is very bad news for Addiction Rx providers and the communities they serve. View full article by downloading attached PDF.

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The 3 Secrets Of Market Multiples

Have you ever wondered why two seemingly similar companies sell at significantly different multiples? What are buyers seeing in ostensibly comparable companies that causes sale price differences? The three secrets of market multiples are: View full article by downloading attached PDF.

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Why High Quality Financials Matter For Healthcare Firms

This past week, I listened to a compelling presentation on the evolving nature of value in healthcare by Monica Oss of Open Minds. At the conclusion, she noted that value-based payments for healthcare services and products “are at the core of healthcare innovation” and that "providers must be able to demonstrate value internally and externally.” The financial value of a healthcare company is obviously based on its bottom line. However, great financial results mean little if other people, especially investors or potential purchasers of the business, aren’t confident that they represent reality. View full article by downloading the attached PDF.

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